About Us

Guria Beachwear was launched in 2007 by Camila Ckless, a “guria” (“girl” in South Brazilian slang) who decided to follow her heart and create a business inspired by her passion for the beach and fashion. Camila Ckless delved into her Southern Brazilian upbringing to create a brand that embodies her country’s endless summer culture. “Going to the beach, wearing bikinis, everything summer – it’s in my blood”, says Camila. What resulted was Guria Beachwear, a swimwear line fit for any body shape, offering as much or as little coverage as desired in a young and contemporary way.

Versatility, sophistication, quality and sex appeal intertwine to give us Guria Beachwear. A wide array of mix-and-match separated including triangles, halters, bandeaus and under-wire tops paired with American and Brazilian cut bottoms create a selection of contemporary body-flattering silhouettes. Embracing every figure, Guria offers sizes from x-small to x-large with cup sizes accommodating up to F. Using only the highest quality materials from Brazil, you’ll see opulent details, distinctive embellishments, texture, prints and the award-winning 3-in-1 top that easily converts from triangle to halter to bandeau.

Every successive collection is created with the customer in mind, fashioning suits for every type of woman. While most other swimwear brands cap sizes at C cups, Guria offers Brazilian-cut suits accommodating up to an F cup, so no woman will be turned away by the trauma of bikini shopping.